Friday, April 28, 2006

Warning: Graphic Story

2 Teens Charged in Attack at Texas Party

Two punks beat, and used a piece of metal pipe to sodomize, and poured bleach all over the limp and motionless body of, a sixteen year old kid, so that it is not likely that the victim will survive, and the thing that will determine whether or not this is a death penalty case is whether or not it was "a hate crime"??!?!!

Aren't some things just "hate" by the very nature of the act? When people act like this, who in the world gives a rip what the motive was? Whether they did it because they hate spanish people, or because they were drunk, or because they enjoy these things, or they saw it on TV, or whatever... try them, and HANG THEM. Hang 'em high.

Why do we even consider letting creeps like this live in this nation?

IN OTHER NEWS: My job working at the Psychiatric Hospital is often rewarding, and sometimes emotionally difficult. Today, was the latter. The first phone call I took, 30 seconds after I walked into the office was by a man. That poor poor man. My heart sank, and stayed sunk for a while. He was calling to tell me that his teenage daughter took her life last night. It wouldn't be proper to provide any more details about this sad, lamentable case. The man asked for prayers. Please consider praying for this man and his family. God knows their names, though I cannot provide them here. Oh, I have no idea what it's like to utter the words, "My daughter took her own life last night." I thank the Living God, I don't know what that's like.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

No Nonsense Self-Defense... umm... wha?

I stumbled upon this... ahem... gem... of a "self-defense" website.

"No games. No theories. Just no-nonsense, practical self-defense, and a new way of life."

Ok, sounds like standard fare so far, but then this immediately follows:

"In 1976, George Salusbury was abducted by an UFO. Having spent 11 years on the aliens' planet, he acquired the knowledge of a revolutionary fighting system -- Grand Celestial Do : The Fighting Art of the Cosmos. His mission is to spread this new art to everyone on Earth. Are you ready for the future?"

I guess I'm not sure what to say about that.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Day Out

First off, yeah, what she said!

Now that that's out of the way... We loaded up the van and went to visit my grandmother today. She's at a retirement community now, and I can imagine it can get kind of lonely and boring there. So, we spent some time just being there, smiling at her, letting her hold and hug and kiss her great-grandchildren. It was very nice.

After that, we went to the Sweetest Place on Earth™ to check out the newly renovated Chocolate World. The renovations are ok, nothing earth shattering. There are more singing cows than you can shake a stick at, that's for sure. Speaking of shaking sticks... there was apparently some big cheerleading convention in town or something, because the place was filled with young girls dressed quite inappropriately. I mean, it was cold and raining outside, and there they were wearing next to nothing. It's terrible, I know, but females DO NOT need to take their clothes off, as men have a hard enough time keeping them dressed in their minds already, understand me? So, while we're standing in line these countless teenage cheerleaders, along with their parents, start cheering stuff like, "We want chocolate (clap clap ~ clap clap clap)! We want chocolate (clap clap ~ clap clap clap)!" And I'm like "Put some clothes on (clap clap~ clap clap clap)! Put some clothes on (clap clap ~ clap clap clap)!" I turn to my daughter and say, "That's why we signed you up for Karate, get it? So you know how to chop and kick these kinds of people." The free candy at the end is always nice.

Friday, April 14, 2006


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"Onions have layers! Ogres have layers!"

And for your added enjoyment: U2 singing a classic! (LOL @ Bush not doing it right!)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms... sounds like the ideal convenience store.

Alcohol: I've been active in the Beer Exchange Program. Half a case of Appalachian Brewing Company's Jolly Scot Scottish Ale got me half a case of Smithwick's Irish Ale (pronounced like "Smitticks," unless you wanna sound like a beer dummy). Then, two of those Jolly Scots got me one bottle of Victory Hop Devil, and one bottle of Weyerbacher Old Heathen from a buddy at work, both of which beers, despite their poorly chosen diabolical names, I can't wait to try.

Let's take it to the HNL (Whole 'nother Level) and talk about Whiskey. A couple months ago, I sent my wife out to the State Controlled Alcohol Dispensary to replenish our supply of Knob Creek 9 Year, which at that point had become my favorite bourbon. Instead, she came home with a bottle of something that was on sale. I was disappointed, but decided to try it before I yell and throw things. Mmm... oily, citrusy, with a little bite, and another little bite, and lots of little bites. Ok, I might like this... BETTER. My current favorite bourbon is now Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10 Year Old. Get some, now. While you're out buying bourbon, pick up a bottle of Maker's Mark, too. Smells like vanilla, burnt oak, yumminess.

Tobacco: Got me a new pipe. A Lucca Arancio bent pipe. I'm stuffing it with some tobacco called Old Leatherneck that I get at my local pipe shop. It tastes and smells like leather, and I'm told it's in the "English Natural" family of tobaccos.

Firearms: I need to get out and shoot my S&W .357 Magnum Revolver. It's been too too long.

"I feel like a mere mortal now." -- A woman at work after finding out that I have seven children.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You Bunch of Losers!

No winners in the "Guess What Body Part Jerry's Icing" game. I have to say, I liked the "ego" answer, but a few years ago my ego was nearly crushed and obliterated, and I suppose I would like if it never recovers.

I was not icing my foot, though it needed it:

Nor was I icing my forearm, though that needed it too!

I was icing... (drum roll)...


Now THAT was a fun game. Whoo. What do you want to play now?


I saw it on the 'net that Elton John is auctioning off the stuff in his closet. Umm... ok, I don't want to know what that nancy has in his closet, understand? Besides, Elton's fashion sense has nothing on Jesse:

Here's how busy I am... this picture is from last month, when Cole got his green belt, and Conner and Calle, their orange belts (pictured with Sensei John Devine, a very nice man, my friend, and our Karate teacher):

Ok, that's all I got for today. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another Word for Parents

How may a parent provoke his children to wrath?

(1) By giving them opprobrious terms. 'Thou son of the perverse rebellious woman,' said Saul to his son Jonathan. 1 Sam 20:30. Some parents use imprecations and curses to their children, which provoke them to wrath. Would you have God bless your children, and do you curse them?

(2) Parents provoke children to wrath when they strike them without a cause, or when the correction exceeds the fault. This is to be a tyrant rather than a father. Saul cast a javelin at his son to smite him, and his son was provoked to anger. 'So Jonathan arose from the table in fierce anger.' I Sam 20:33, 34. In filium pater obtinet non tyrannicum imperium, sed basilicum [A father exercises a kingly power over his son, not that of a tyrant]. Davenant.

(3) When parents deny their children what is absolutely needful. Some have thus provoked their children: they have stinted them, and kept them so short, that they have forced them upon indirect courses, and made them put forth their hands to iniquity.

(4) When parents act partially towards their children, showing more kindness to one than to another. Though a parent may have a greater love to one child, yet discretion should lead him not to show more love to one than to another. Jacob showed more love to Joseph than to all his other children, which provoked the envy of his brethren. 'Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, and when his brethren saw that, they hated him, and could not speak peaceably to him.' Gen 37:3, 4.

(5) When a parent does anything which is sordid and unworthy, which casts disgrace upon himself and his family, as to defraud or take a false oath, it provokes the child to wrath. As the child should honour his father, so the father should not dishonour the child.

(6) When parents lay commands upon their children which they cannot perform without wronging their consciences. Saul commanded his son Jonathan to bring David to him. 'Fetch him to me, for he shall surely die.' I Sam 20:31. Jonathan could not do this with a good conscience; but was provoked to anger. 'Jonathan arose from the table in fierce anger.' I Sam 20:34. The reason why parents should show their prudence in not provoking their children to wrath, is this: 'Lest they be discouraged.' Col 3:21. This word 'discouraged' implies three things. Grief. The parent's provoking the child, the child so takes it to heart, that it causes premature death. Despondency. The parents' austerity dispirits the child, and makes it unfit for service; like members of the body stupefied, which are unfit for work. Contumacy and refractoriness. The child being provoked by the cruel and unnatural carriage of the parent, grows desperate, and often studies to irritate and vex his parents; which, though it be evil in the child, yet the parent is accessory to it, as being the occasion of it.

(7) If you would have honour from your children, pray much for them. Not only lay up a portion for them, but lay up a stock of prayer for them. Monica prayed much for her son Augustine; and it was said, it was impossible that a son of so many prayers and tears should perish. Pray that your children may be preserved from the contagion of the times; pray that as your children bear your images in their faces, they may bear God's image in their hearts; pray that they may be instruments and vessels of glory. One fruit of prayer may be, that the child will honour a praying parent.

(8) Encourage that which you see good and commendable in your children. Virtus laudata crescit [Goodness increases when praised]. Commending that which is good in your children makes them more in love with virtuous actions; and is like the watering of plants, which makes them grow more. Some parents discourage the good they see in their children, and so nip virtue in the bud, and help to damn their children's souls. They have their children's curses.

(9) If you would have honour from your children, set them a good example. It makes children despise parents, when the parents live in contradiction to their own precepts; when they bid their children be sober, and yet they themselves get drunk; or bid their children fear God, and are themselves loose in their lives. Oh if you would have your children honour you, teach them by a holy example. A father is a looking-glass, which the child often dresses himself by; let the glass be clear and not spotted. Parents should observe great decorum in their whole conduct, lest they give occasion to their children to say to them, as Plato's servant, 'My master has made a book against rash anger, but he himself is passionate;' or, as a son once said to his father, 'If I have done evil, I have learned it of you.'
~~Thomas Watson, A Body of Divinity.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ahh blah!

I'll get to posting the answers to the icing game, with some pics, soon. Right now I'm baffled. I went to start my Mozilla Thunderbird email client, only to find a diaglogue asking me to start a profile. Huh? Where's all my email? Gone! What? I can't find my Thunderbird profile or emails, nor can I successfully perform a "System Restore" to a previous date -- the computer locks up and never completes it.

A mystery, and not the kind that I enjoy!

Monday, April 03, 2006

And now it's time to play...

What body part(s) is Jerry icing!

Here's how to play: Jerry came home from class tonight hurting in various places... too many places to put ice on at one time, without just sitting in a tub of ice, so he had to be selective. Guess which part(s) Jerry is icing, and you win the game!

On your mark...

Get set...


(and they're off!)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Christianity: The Truth (Worth Fighting For)

There never was a martyrdom save as the result of controversy. The spirit which would still contention for the truth never yet went to the stake. There is a sentiment abroad indeed which decries controversy. The same sentiment should certainly decry martyrdom also. An anemic Christianity which is too little virile to strive for the truth can never possess the nerve to die for it. And the contradiction of loving the one and hating the other is glaring.
~~B.B. Warfield.